Since I’ve moved N to lactose free, he’s not really drinking ‘milk’.  He’ll have some kind of ‘milk’ drink at nursery, but at home, even trying the one they have at nursery we’ve not found he’ll drink any.

So cereal’s the only thing he’ll have milk on.

I did grab some of the small cartons of rice milk the other week (in the hope of not wasting so much of the big cartons that are pretty much all that’s available), and although I’d used them for cereal, he then wanted to drink them as well.  I think the straw novelty was too much to resist, as when I then bought a large carton of the same drink, he turned it down when offered.

He still talks about milk, when he sees me using it for myself, or for other people’s hot drinks, but given what a milk monster he used to be, he’s not attempted to steal it out of the fridge.  Instead he seems to be obsessed with squash although I’m trying to retain that for treats and meal times only.

Last night though, he came out with a classic toddlerism!

I’ve been sorting and labelling clothes and toys to sell at the NCT nearly new sale, and he’s been watching interested.  I asked him to put some of his old sleeping bags and a blanket in the washing machine for me.  Of he went to the utility room.

A while later I wondered where he’d got to, so went to find him.

He had put the washing in the drum, closed the door up, turned the dial, and had the dispenser drawer open.

“Milk mummy, in the drawer”.


“Yes”, pointing to the liquid detergent that thankfully he couldn’t reach. “Milk for the washing”.

Love it!  Interesting milk that would make, with a purple or blue tinge.


  1. Hahaaa ahh he sounds like my toddler – he calls Comfort Milk! 🙂 He now almost knows where it goes in the washing machine. I reckon we could train them to wash our clothes! 😉

    • Ahh, now that’s really cute. N tries helping with the washing. Once he’s tall enough to pour the liquid in, he’s taking over that chore! Although maybe I should revert back to tablets as he’d be able to do that now!

  2. I love the innocence of toddlers they truly are a breed of their own. Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoment x

    • It’s a great stage once they can converse. Loving #MagicMoments as it’s great to hear about the simple things

  3. Colette Burgess

    Bless him! Let’s hope he doesn’t try and drink the washing machine’s milk!!!

    • Thankfully he doesn’t really drink milk as he’s not keen on lactose free stuff. At least this is out of reach

  4. Jocelyn (@ihavecards)

    Ah, bless him! A very different milk!

    • I know. Love some of the things he comes out with. Although I reckon Big and Small are more prolific in their excellent phrases!

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