Note to self…never assume the OH will play ball with timings for the purpose of review!  I was offered the chance to review a Shock Doctor knee support and as the OH at the time had had a dodgy knee for a while due to a cow kicking incident (the cow kicked him and not vice versa), I thought it would be good for him to try out a product and give his opinion.  Especially as he’s always moaning about whatever knee support he can find in the house at the time.

But no, the Shock Doctor knee compression sleeve arrived and of course, his knee was better and he ignored it sitting on the side.  So you’ve got my views instead of his.  Luckily I also have a bit of a dubious knee due to an old knee dislocation on the squash court and subsequent arthroscopy to sort it out.  I do find I go through phases of a bit of a niggle, and with all the walking I did on holiday and not varying the shoes I was wearing (bizarrely I find this makes a difference as obviously more muscles work when you switch shoes over), I’ve been getting a few twinges.

So to the Shock Doctor – and hoping that the sizing will fit my large legs.

shock doctor knee compression support

The Shock Doctor supports are very different to the neoprene one I’d been using in the past.  They’re a lot more flexible thanks to the hole and mesh over the kneecap area.  With my old one I used to find when my leg was bent, it creased a lot behind the knee, and could be a bit uncomfortable.  With the shock doctor version the mesh allows for less fabric creasing and breathability (although how much sweat my knee would produce is debatable!).

It’s made from the N-TEX™ neoprene so wicks moisture away, and provides therapeutic warmth.  It definitely makes my knee feel extra warm and secure; no worry about straining it wearing the support.  I like the way the sleeve is a specialist sports support.  I’d definitely wear this if I was playing squash again, or if I was having problems with my knee when dancing.  Plus, the material has antimicrobial technology, so it reduced odour enhancing bacteria.

The only downside is that it, like all other decent supports, are so chunky.  Fine if you’re wearing it for sports as strapping is quite normal, and I’d probably just about get away with it under my work trousers.  But when wearing jeans I’d struggle to pull them over it (and that’s bootcut or straight jeans, rather than skinny).  This isn’t a problem unique to Shock Doctor though, so we’re just going to have to wait for future technology to make slimmer supports to avoid VSL (visible support line) under trousers.

The support does come in more sizes than I’ve ever noticed before.  I opted for a large size for the OH, but my legs are much chunkier so would really need an XL for it to be really comfortable and fit properly.  There are however, ingenious ‘pull on’ tags that you can slot your fingers on to help get it on.  They definitely make it easier and faster to get on.

All in all, I’d be comfortable wearing this for sport, and for general walking when my knee needed a bit more support.  I’m sure the OH will find it handy (last time I rely on him for a review!) as he struggles more frequently with his knees.  There’s no excuse for him moaning about tubigrips anymore.

As well as receiving the Shock Doctor knee support, I’ve also been given an wrist 3 strap support to giveaway on the blog.  Similarly to the knee sleeve, It’s made from the same material with the mesh insert at the bend and has the same features.  The size I have to giveaway is an XL (you can check out the sizing on the Shock Doctor website).  To enter just answer the question in the comments, and then click back on the rafflecopter entry option.  There are other optional methods for additional entries.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms & conditions

  • UK entry only, over 18s
  • Giveaway closes 11.59pm 22nd November 2014
  • Entries will be validated according to the rules of entry
  • The prize is one Shock Doctor wrist 3 strap support, size XL
  • Winner will be randomly chosen, and will be shown on this post, with further notifications  shared on social media.
  • Winner will be notified via email, and will need to respond with their postal address within 3 weeks otherwise a further winner will be drawn.
  • The prize will be sent out within 2 weeks.
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Disclosure: I was sent a Shock Doctor knee support for review, and a wrist support to giveaway.  All words and opinions are my own.


  1. Monika S

    Following mastitis I developed sepsis and necrosis in my breast – this part of my breast had to be removed leaving me with horrible wound that took over 3 months to heal and ugly scar .

  2. Jessica Townley

    Broken collarbone when playing football ;(

  3. Phil Brett

    I dropped a really heavy machine part on my foot – I still have problems with toe and ankle years later

  4. Patricia Avery

    Falling on the side of my foot gave me a swollen ankle for weeks.

  5. Sarah Cadman

    Running into the corner of my mum’s garage door when I was about 7. Narrowly missed my eye and now looks like i’ve had my eyebrow pierced!

  6. jackie curran

    I have sprained my ankle several times playing netball, it is still weak and I turn it easily now.

  7. carrie-ann pierce

    Twisted my knee walking dog on muddy field

  8. George Wright

    Badly sprained ankle & swollen knee after falling over.

  9. anita roberts

    i fell off a chair when i was dancing and broke my wrist

  10. George Williamson

    I had my front teeth removed when I was attacked by a large dog while delivering papers
    and knocked off my bike.,


    I got run over by a car and broke my leg in the worst place, right at the top near hip, its still not right to this day x

  12. Amanda Johnson

    So far I have been very lucky. It’s all the football mad boys in this house that have me running round like a nurse lol

  13. Julie Ward

    Went over on ankle whilst playing sport, nothing much really

  14. Marie Lovell

    I popped my knee ligament on the trampoline. It’s still really weak and I cant do any running or jumping etc, so this support would really help x

  15. Samantha Bolter

    never had an injury but my son seems to pick up quite a few rugby injuries

  16. Most of my injuries come from balls, football and basketball which is why i dislike sport now lol

  17. Gemma Chantler

    I completely tore 2 of the 3 main ligaments in my ankle so had to have artificial ones made!

  18. Rebecca Townsend

    I’ve had no bad injuries so far (touch wood!)

  19. trevor linvell

    Sprained my ankle falling over a bike whilst running backwards playing football

  20. annette turner

    rsi on wrist, prob too much time on the computer 🙂

  21. stephen johnson

    I have Ankylosing Spondylitis, which is painful most days

  22. stephen johnson

    I have Ankylosing Spondylitis, which is painful most days


    I broke my elbow falling on ice… I am now extremely cautious in slippy conditions!

  24. Lindy Hine

    I actually fell over a cliff once – the lump of turf I was standing on gave way and I landed on a beach about 15 feet below. I had concussion but apart from needing a couple of stitches in my head and a lot of bruising I was OK!

  25. Eleanor Powell

    I had a trapped nerve in my back fro years, it was actually falling pregnant that cured it as the change in posture released the nerve!

  26. Lisa Wilkinson

    As a toddler I trapped my finger in the chain of a bike and ended up in A&E

  27. Hannah Smith

    I’ve had LOADS.. but probably my collarbone.

  28. Chris Fletcher

    Slipped a disc in my back – its still playing up!

  29. Kim Styles

    I broke my big toe playing basketball it hurt so much I passed out!

  30. fractured my left wrist playing on snow and ice, my mum didnt believe it was fractured and waited 3 days before taking me to the hospital to get it xrayed. She was so sorry and still wind her up about it now even though it was 20 years ago

  31. fell 20 ft out a window of my parents house and really hurt my back.

  32. Emma Wolski

    I fell over running and my back fell out of line!

  33. Kelly Hooper

    I cracked my head open as a child by falling backwards off a picnic table onto a concrete floor. I have no memory of it but my mum always just described it as her ‘holding your head together with my hands, blood everywhere and me screaming for your dad’

  34. jo liddement

    Been very lucky as the only injury I have ever had is badly sprained ankle from falling down steps at work

  35. Kirsty Woods

    None, i have been very lucky 🙂 but my brother has not been so lucky he got run over by a bus when he was 8 broke both legs, both arms and his collar bone. When he was 12 he got hit by a car and broke his arm and when he was 13 broke his finger playing football

  36. Lisa Stout

    fell down to flights of stairs never been right since slipped on cleaners fluid. This was 20 years ago and compensation at work was unheard of.

  37. Bernadette Willis

    I’ve been relatively lucky, though my knees and ankles are pathetic now, but when I was young I fell off a pony and broke my nose and front tooth, which made me look a right mess

  38. Kirsty Harrington

    Mine is my left wrist, for some reason I can’t put any weight on it, feels like its going to snap. It makes it incredibly difficult for exercises like up and downs etc unless I have a really good support on, even then its uncomfortable. never had and accident so no idea why it’s like it.

  39. Phil Bowell

    Running across road to avoid traffic and damaged cartridge in knee

  40. Natasha Patterson

    I actually would love to win this for my boyfriend, he had a motorbike accident a few years ago. He broke both his wrists and shattered his hand and knee. One of his wrists is an absolute mess now.

  41. I got run over by my sunday school teacher – didn’t break any bones but mangled all the ligaments in my ankle. It 6 months to heal and for the rest of my growth period until I was in my 20’s I had recurring problems where it would give out and tear the ligaments again. Thankfully *touches wood* it’s been okay since I stopped growing

  42. Kristy Brown

    I was in a bad car crash and injured my back that took me 18 months to get over – but my worst was cleaning a ceramic dish, the dish broke and severed my thumb to the bone…….needed an op to reconnect all the tendons and then 9 months of intensive physio to get it moving again.

  43. Kirsty Greer

    I am forever twisting my knees and akles x

  44. Claire Petley

    I broke mt leg the same morning I was meant to be traveling to spain on a 2 week holiday, I didn’t want a cast on so I walked round on it for 2 weeks while on holiday, (I was young and stupid) by the time I’d got home I’d made it worse and had to have a cast on for 3 months.

  45. Samantha Sugden

    Never had any bad injuries but I do now have Rheumatoid arthritis and this give away would be so helpful

  46. Caroline Blaza

    I broke my wrist and also had 2 fractures in it all at the same time. Just by tripping on my doorstep!!

  47. emma falvi

    when i broke my shoulder and elbow in the snow

  48. emma falvi

    when i broke my shoulder and elbow in the snow. i have hated snow ever since

  49. My arm and wrist!!!

    Hope to one day try the knee support as have recently started running.

    Great give away, thank you.

  50. Rebecca Kingston

    I snapped the bone in my left arm into two clean pieces, causing permanent nerve damage in my left arm and hand.

  51. Emma Nixon

    Car accident. Injured mainly right side of body 18 months ago. Still get pains in joints and swelling in knee. But still smiling!

  52. Keith Hunt

    broken collarbone when dog pulled me over a log

  53. Kelly Koya

    achilles tendonitis – stopped me running for three months.

  54. Isabelle

    fell of my scooter when i was younger and injured my wrist. it was hell

  55. I’ve had several head injuries. The latest was in the hospital where I collapsed and cracked my head suffering a seizure. I couldn’t open my eyes fully for weeks. I lost my driving licence for 12 months too, now that really hurts!

  56. ashleigh allan

    I fell off my bike and badly sprained my ankle!

  57. Steven Beasley

    Worst i have had is broke a rib and also broke my wrist. That one hurt lol

  58. Andy Kadir-Buxton

    Twisted ankle, they are worse than a broken one. Did it while sweeping up leaves!

  59. Rachel Craig

    When I slid and landed on hands and knees as a child. Required butterfly stitches on one hand. Only very faint scar, so healed well.

  60. Natalie Crossan

    Accidently whacking my wrist against a metal frame. OUCH.

  61. maxine partridge

    i have pretty bad joints as it in anyways, but i recently fractured my shin bone!

  62. melanie stirling

    I have bad knees and back but no breaks thank goodness!

  63. Tania Atfield

    Tendinitis and bursitis in my shoulder following car accident. Terrible pain until steroid injections.

  64. I got knocked down on a zebra crossing once; bruised ribs, cracked elbow. Hurt for weeks

  65. Claire Woods

    Stubbed my big toe. But the pain was terrible. Foot swelled up and couldn’t walk on it for several weeks. Doctors could find no break or fracture though.

  66. I’ve been lucky and only had a weak ankle after spraining it numerous times playing football. It’s still very weak now years later

  67. Lindsay Ritchie

    Fell, ruptured all the tendons and ligaments in my wrist and have a wrist full of metal that doesn’t work!

  68. elaine dale

    a badly sprained ankle when I was 17, not helped by unstrapping and putting on platform shoes to go out dancing, this was when I was 17, nearly 59 now nd paying the price with arthritis

  69. kim neville

    I broke my collar bone from falling off a banana boat on holiday

  70. Sandra Lane

    I used to do ballet lessons when I was younger and once when attempting to do a jete I tore a muscle in my groin. I couldn’t walk straight for weeks and even now I sometimes feel a twinge.

  71. My knees crunch when I move them, it sounds terrible but they don’t hurt thankfully. I do have to use supports when exercising though and the shock doctor looks incredible!

  72. Sarah Lewis

    Lucky me has never had any injuries but I do suffer with RSI from my job.

  73. Kevin Honey

    My back trapping a nerve putting me into bed for 3 months (although now I would be told to get up and walk about!)

  74. richard hill

    i have got a disc bulge and the pain is unbearable at times

  75. karen cowley

    I fell down some stairs a few years ago and tore a ligament in my foot, i have suffered with it ever since x

  76. This sounds a great item to have in the bathroom cabinet for any injuries – we get plenty of those! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  77. Becca Staples

    Just general sprains, but i hope i’m not jinxing myself now lol x

  78. frances hopkins

    I’ve been very lucky (touch wood) and haven’t had anything that bad

  79. Spencer Broadley

    Don’t know if you would call it an injury, but I had contracted pnemonia and my weight fell from 10 stone to under 7 stone and was hospitalised. Still recovering

  80. Sue Gale

    Guess worst injuries would be breaking my neck and a very badly broken collar bone.Also suffered broken cheek bone(far from pleasant as felt blood trickling down my throat each time I tried to swallow) and broken feet and toes.

  81. Denfor Hopkins

    I got a small cut in my hand when I fell whilst taking food for the dog in milk bottles; I was taken by my mother to have the obligatory tetanus jab and to be stitched up with three stiches; this was back in the 70s.

  82. I’m usually ok but my husband slipped a disk before our 14 hour flight home…not a pleasant flight and a trip to A&E direct from the plane.

  83. Maggie Canvin

    I’ve not had any knee problems but I have constant wrist problems. Probably mostly RSI but also a number of sprains.

  84. Tracy Nixon

    When I was little I fractured my knee cap falling off a fence I was apparently trying to walk across! Now, due to my Crohn’s disease, I have to have bone scans every 3 years to monitor my bone density, as it is below average for my age.

  85. Katie Skeoch

    A cruciate ligament tear, my knee cap literally rolled around my leg! It still hurts when I put too much pressure on it 🙁

  86. maria molly taylor

    I stood on the couch to clean the windows and when i stepped back down i stood on a small glass topped table, my foot slid across the table top knocking the table over and i landed on the floor doing the splits , lets just say it was painful to walk for a week and i had bruises on my thighs !!!

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