This week’s Project 366 is one short as I’m away at the weekend.  Although it’s been half term, I was working so N’s largely been out on the farm from about 7 in the morning until 5 in the evening, hence a serious lack of photos of N.

On Sunday, N came home from being on the farm, with the youngest nephew in tow.  Of course that meant playing on the swings and monkey bars.  I think it’s nice for N to be able to do the monkey bars, because his cousin can’t, and the nephew is always really impressed that he can.

top of the climbing frame

On Monday, I ambled out in the garden because I’d spotted this rosebud above next door’s fence.  So beautiful and a perfect colour for autumn.

last rose of autumn

On Tuesday, it was another mooch out in the garden.  The colours are really amazing at the moment, although there’s not going to be many leaves on the trees soon.

red leaves in the garden

On Wednesday it was dance night in Oxford.  We’re so lucky to get to dance in the town hall there, and it’s quite something, especially with the lights.

Oxford town hall ceroc freestyle

On Thursday we eventually got round to carving the pumpkin.  It only took nearly 2 weeks!  I usually wat to do a fancy design, but N wanted to do a classic face.  So he drew….Bart Simpson.  Well, that’s who it looked like to me, even though he has no idea who Bart Simpson is.  N was a bit disappointed that I couldn’t add the ‘hat’ to our pumpkin.  And I’m annoyed because I can’t find my LED tea lights, so it’s currently unlit

Bart simpson pumpkin face

On Friday I had a day off work, so it was a chance to spend the day out.  I wanted to go to one place, N wanted to go to Living Rainforest near Newbury  After visiting, I think we’d definitely have been better off going elsewhere for the day, but N had a great time in the play area.  And we saw some beautiful creatures.

butterfly feeding on grapefruit at Living Rainforest


  1. Love the idea of a Bart Simpson pumpkin. The dance in the town hall looks fab with all those lights.

  2. love N’s pumpkin design, i was amazed when i was in the uk last week at exactly just how much was still in full flower in my mums garden

    • It is surprising how many are still in flower. Not surprising with how mild it’s been

  3. Nice to get out on the farm, but sounds like a long day and an early start for him, but then that is farm life for you.
    I agree there are some beautiful colours of plants and trees round at the moment.

    • It is. I’m amazed he’s not more tired, but he’s like the duracell bunny where the farm is involved.

  4. I love N’s pumpkin design – I want to see the pumpkin now! Beautiful colours in yours and your neighbours’ gardens 🙂

  5. Totally agree about The Living Rainforest, we went a few years ago and won’t be going back. Love the Town Hall photo, looks like a beautiful building. Hope you are enjoying London #366

    • It is really beautiful, especially with the lighting on. London was fabulous, thanks

  6. That’s an amazing photo of the butterfly! N must have had a brilliant time being out on the farm all day, every day. The town hall looks lovely with those lights.

    • Thanks Sarah. Yes he loved it, although I think he did suffer with the clock change. Back to normal now thankfully.

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