This week it was my birthday and that meant spending the evening before baking.  I’d decided this year to only make two different types – ginger macaroons and a fruity oat traybake.  N does love to cook, so he’d pulled up a chair and did some measuring and mixing with me.

I must find out what the OH did with my digital scales, because I’m using my traditional dry cone measure which I love, but I think seeing the numbers better will help with N’s learning.

Of course once he’d mixed a few bowl fulls of mixture, N was bored and wondered off. But as soon as they were out of the oven he was straight back in the kitchen to see what they were like.  Unfortunately he had to wait until the next morning when they’d cooled.

We’re going to use one of the recipes to put forward for his school cookbook, so I took a photo of him with the finished macaroons. For once N actually agreed. It’s not the clearest of photos, and an early morning in a semi dark house wasn’t the best for a nice bright photo, but I love how his eyes are sparkling and his smile’s kind of smiling and thinking ‘oh no, photos’ at the same time.

proud of the ginger macaroons he made

I’m one of the featured photographers in this week’s Living Arrows, so do go over to Shutterflies and check out the others photos from this week.

living arrows pic


  1. Happy birthday to you! I need to start baking again. I was never very good, but these look yummy and I’m now hungry 🙂

  2. Sian - {The Mama Story}

    Happy birthday! He looks really pleased with the baking results! Hope you had a lovely day.

  3. Aw he looks so proud of his baking. 🙂 It’s lovely when you can get them involved in the kitchen. I really look forward to that.


    • He’s always loved it, although gets a bit bored with me once stuff is mixed or peeled. But they had a cooking club at nursery which he loved.

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