N is a bubbly cheerful little boy, but he is quite shy.  It takes him a while to observe, check people out and then join in. But once he gets going he’s there fully immersed.  And if he’s around people and suddenly clicks with them he’ll not stop talking.

When I took this photo I can’t even remember what we were doing or talking about. He looks like he’s sitting on the kitchen table, a habit I’m still trying to get out of him. Maybe he’s pretending he’s not really sitting there, or he’d just given a cheeky answer to a question.  I just think it’s quite a sweet photo.

living arrows coy little boy week 32
Living Arrows


  1. Oh this is gorgeous – and if he is sitting on the table, who could tell this face off 🙂 x #livingarrows

    • Sitting, lying. He just has to do it. At least not when he’s eating I suppose

  2. Oh he looks so grown up but so innocent at the same time. Beautiful photo x

  3. Aaaaw what a cute very cute photo indeed. 🙂

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