N does flit between one item to the next, but this frog blanket is one of his favourites for snuggling up, moving from room to room, and now taking in to nursery. I’m not sure it was really needed given the warm weather recently, but each to their own.

I picked him up and he insisted on wearing it on the way home. Accessorised by tea crumbs! He never seems to wipe his face after eating now. Messy thing

Little frog blanket

living arrows pic


  1. Emily Beale

    I just love these little boyhood moments – so so cute!

    • Ah yes, we’ve had the argument over blankets vs duvets etc this evening. I suggested a baby blanket which is a ‘holey’ one, but no, he said it was too scratchy, his frog blanket was too hot…he ended up with his duvet on!

    • I know. It does make me wonder what he’s thinking…probably what his next 5 questions will be. I have a feeling this was the occasion where he started asking about how old people were when they died. Not a nice or easy conversation that one.

  2. Polka Dot Family

    I love how little ones become attached to certain items, come rain or shine it their constant source of comfort

    • This isn’t even his comforter – that’s his taggy blanket or Peter Rabbit, but they’re for bedtime only. He just likes taking anything he can think of to nursery, and the blanket was this week’s favoured item.

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