It’s not often nowadays that N is willing to pose for a photo, but give him a prop to play with and chances are, he’ll be happier too.

He does love his soft toys, in particular his favourite which is Jesse, a Bear Factory teddy bear.

The photo I’ve chosen for week 40 of Living Arrows is from one morning when I was trying to catch a snap and didn’t manage to…until I suggested he give his teddy bear a hug.  I love the catchlights in his eyes – it’s always good when the light works so well or photos like that.  And his little mole on his chin – it always looks like a bit of food stuck on his chin!

living arrows 39 teddy bear cuddles

Living Arrows


  1. Oh the love in his eyes for Jesse is just gorgeous! x x #livingarrows

  2. That is so sweet! Yes, it’s unusual to see him not in an active pose!

  3. Katy - Hot Pink Wellingtons

    I love this one, it’s adorable! I’ve not yet managed to get a shot of Max with catchlights in his eyes! Maybe one day he’ll be still enough and let me get close enough that it’ll happen! #livingarrows

    • Thanks Louise. Shows that sometimes he will pose. It’s these photos that make him look younger and more his age too

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