Somehow I’ve managed to delete all my photos from Saturday this week – thinking I’d already transferred them from my phone to my laptop, and obviously not. Very annoying as they included some gorgeous photos of N under his lovely shark umbrella. Grrr.

So I’m linking up to Point and Shoot and Living Arrows with Sunday photos only.  We went to Cotswold Farm Park yesterday, and there were bouncing pillows…post to come in a bit about the actual visit, but these are 2 of the photos I took.

bouncing pillow jumping

bouncing jumping pillow

I really struggled for some good photos yesterday.  I used my phone and my camera, but ended up with some mysteriously ‘misty’ photos, and others where the colour was totally out, I think just from the brightness of reflected pillow/climbing frame etc.  I love the movement of these ones, even if they aren’t the best of photos.

living arrows


  1. Adrienne

    Oh bless your heart Emma! Gosh, I hate when that happens and I’ve done it too. I make a point to transfer them though and now I usually end up with so many duplicates but I’d much rather delete those then not have them. I know you’re sick about it but you’ll take plenty more. He’s so photogenic and these are adorable too.


    • Oh thanks Adrienne. I do have hundreds of photos to streamline down, so I’ll get over it. I usually transfer each evening, so I just assumed I’d done the night before, but obviously forgot to check before deleting them. Annoying, but at least they weren’t really important milestone photos and just nice day to day ones.

      Hope you’re doing well.

  2. These are fab photos – i think they capture the jumping excitement! Looks like a good time was had!

  3. Em @ snowingindoors

    I love the Cotswold Farm Park, my two spend hours on the bouncing pillow, so do I when it’s quiet 😉
    Thanks for linking up with Point + Shoot xx

    • Bouncing pillows are definitely fun for all. Did look dangerous yesterday with all the toddlers bouncing wild on it!

      • Em @ snowingindoors

        When it gets busy I always think a big kid bouncing on one side will result in 2 little kids on the other side being pinged off onto the floor!

        • That’s what i was thinking watching. Most of the tots were struggling climbing onto it, parents were just shoving them up. then N was bouncing around like a nutter, while the others all bounced in place.

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