Over the bank holiday I decided to go to Stonor House for their tulip and spring flower festival. It ended up being a bit of a failure and a short visit, so I made a spontaneous decision that we should head over to Henley-on-Thames to make the most of the good weather and walk by the river. We came upon a lovely playground which N launched himself onto.  It was lovely to see him enjoying equipment that 6 months ago he’d probably have avoided.

These were 2 of my favourite photos of our day out.  I’m not sure what N was looking at in the first, maybe some birds because I’d told him to watch out for red kites on our way there.  The second photo was from a series of photos and videos that I’d taken of him jumping from board to board.  There was no encouragement needed, he just got on and started jumping.  Great fun and lovely photos.

Living Arrows - looking up at the playground in Henley

Living Arrows - running jump at a Henley playground

Living Arrows


  1. Wow they’re fabulous action shots! The best days out are always the unplanned ones aren’t they – spontaneity is good 🙂 x x #livingarrows

  2. He has got so big! Love that first photo, no idea what he’s looking at either! x

  3. Great photos, its so lovely when they try new things!

    • Thanks Rachel. It’s so nice being outside again and this week’s looking more like the same

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