I can’t even remember when I took this photo or what we’d been talking about or doing beforehand.  I just grabbed my camera as N turned round, snapping this.  I love the highlights from the sun coming in the window, and how natural N looks.

living arrows 2016 27 - smile

Living Arrows


    • Thanks Donna. I don’t see it so much seeing him everyday. But he’s so easy to photograph.

  1. This really is a gorgeous natural shot! They’re so rare for me – mine either hides or pulls a face most of the time! x x #livingarrows

    • I just always have to have my camera or phone with me, and just snap away. Sometimes they come out well, sometimes they’re blurry (or have nightmare mess in the background!)

  2. Oh he is so so cute and looks really happy in this picture. Love the natural light from the photo. Angela #Livingarrows

    • Thanks Angela. I really like it too. I can’t even remember what he was doing at the time.

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