Like many children, N loves playing with water.  It can be in a bowl, in the bath or shower, in the pool, or simply a water pistol.

I bought him a bubble gun recently because he’s pretty rubbish at blowing bubbles – still.  But the bubble gun was a failure.  It dribbled, it half blew a bubble, but really it was pants.  What a waste of 2 batteries.

But that didn’t matter, N still liked waving it around, and he’s even tried making his own bottle of bubble mixture to try and connect to make it work.

I’m just thinking I should never have paid Wilko’s prices, and instead just gone to Poundland…on the basis of their pound water pistols alone, it would have been a better bet.

Bubble gun and looking through the fence - Living Arrows

living arrows pic


  1. What a cool photo, he does look like he’s hiding waiting to pounce! Urgh I hate when you buy a bubble gun and they are rubbish. The Works have these bubble trumpets for a pound and my boys love them! You do have to blow but it is just a little plastic trumped and makes so many little bubbles 🙂 #livingarrows

    • Think I’ve seen someone else mention those too. Must go and check them out

  2. Aww how cute! Olly loves bubbles too and I don’t think we’ve ever found a decent bubble gun. We tend to stick to the small bottles and fill them up with washing up liquid x

    • Ah, maybe we’ll give up trying to find one!

      I did dig out some old Tesco mini party favour bottles, and they were brilliant. The best bubbles I’ve tried. So maybe they’re the way to go.

  3. That photo is so cute, he looks so engrossed! You’re right, all kids love water! x

    • It was like he was in slow motion and being a little spy…but probably more like he was trying to work out whether he could watch his dad without being seen by the camear.

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