Birthday balloons. Pretty much an essential for a child’s birthday.  And I think this was his favourite present.  Well, maybe apart from the walkie talkies which have already found one make its way down the road to his cousin’s house so they can chat.

N had a fairly quiet birthday. His party is next week.  Just a swimming lesson, lunch at home because he didn’t want to go out, and then a friend’s party in the afternoon. Although after joining in the first couple of activities he then decided it wasn’t for him and he just wanted to wait for food. Then wanted to go home with 20 minutes to go.

On getting him home we realised he had a temperature, so it probably wasn’t the best birthday, even though he said he enjoyed it.

The only worry now is that he says he won’t go to school and be 6. Hmmm, I’m not sure you have much choice in that!

Here’s this week’s Living Arrows shot.

Living ARrows 2017 week 4 - birthday balloon

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    • He did although we didn’t really do anything. His party was this week and he missed it because he was sick, poor thing

  1. It’s amazing how something as simple as a balloon can be the best present for a child isn’t it? I hope he is feeling back on form x #LivingArrows

  2. Hope he had a super birthday! I love getting the boys big balloons like that! Think it’s lovely he’s chatting to his cousin over walkie talkie, those were the days xx

  3. We try to take a picture each year of Monkey with one of these balloons. Only last year failed spectacularly!! I’m glad he had a good day hope he’s well for his party xx #livingarrows

  4. Sian - The Mama Story

    Ah happy birthday N! You can’t beat a huge balloon. Sorry he’s been poorly I hope he is back to his usual self now and going to school without too much bother!

    • Thankfully it was only a 1 day temperature. He’s still a little tired, but will be fine by next weekend. Now it’s the OH and I who have stinking colds. He got away with 2 nights being blocked up and 1 day of temperature.

  5. I sometimes wonder why I bother with birthday presents as my two always prefer the balloons. I hope your little boy has a lovely party and is feeling much better for it. #LivingArrows

    • Thanks Angela. He seems much better so hopefully a couple of good night’s sleep will help.

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