For this week’s Living Arrows I couldn’t decide which photo to share, so I’ve chosen two.

This autumn/winter, N has been going out with the men for the shoots as a beater.  N just loves being outdoors, and loves being out with all the men.  Probably because they all look after him really well (although I dread to think what language he will be learning while out with them!).

His cousins have passed their old shoot jacket on to him so he looks really smart.  It’ll save us a lot of money, and going on the current oversized nature of it, he’ll be wearing it for at least 2 years.

On shoot days, he gets back from swimming then we call his dad so someone will come and pick N up to take him to where they are.  This week the light was brilliant for photos, a lovely golden hour glow despite it being 10 in the morning!

living-arrows-2016-week-47 waiting golden hour light

Unfortunately, although N was happy to pose, he was also insisting on standing against the wheelie bins, so not really the best backdrop!

waiting on a tree stump

Before he was picked up, he was happily sitting on the tree stump with his beating stick and pom pom hat – essentials for a day out beating.

Me, I got to spend the day shopping, having relaxing coffee shop stops and on a mission to find a suitable black tie dress for a friend’s 40th birthday party which is approaching.

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  1. Lovely photos, he looks so peaceful sat there waiting. The village I grew up in had a pack of beagles and it was so tiring to go out with them – and cold too! The jacket looks very smart!

    • I do love to see the hounds out. They are massive although I don’t think N is too worried about that!

  2. I love how he’s sitting there holding his hat rather than wearing it! These kids! x

    • I did. It was painful, but finally found one after I’d kind of given up, and at a bargain £32 – love Sainsbury’s

  3. Oh wow the light is gorgeous in these pics! I love N’s new jacket too – very dapper 🙂 x #livingarrows

    • Thanks Mim. It was the perfect light, good that autumn/winter mornings hold onto that light for longer.

  4. I love both photos too and can see why you would want to share them both, what a beautiful little man x

  5. Sian - The Mama Story

    What lovely photos, the light is gorgeous. What an interesting life he leads! I hope you found a dress you love!

    • Thanks Sian. Yes 1 dress finally found, it was very painful. Now shoes and suitable tights to buy! It’s an expensive evening given we’re unlikely to be going to another black tie event any time soon.

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