N went to a birthday party this weekend, and of course there were bubbles in the party bag.  He wanted to go straight outside to blow bubbles.  It’s not a skill that he’s really mastered yet, although at least now he is managing to avoid tasting the liquid, and getting a few bubbles out.

Now he just needs to get the angle of the bubbles right so I can get some great photos of him blowing them!

I love this picture of him though.  Pulling a face because he kept losing the wand inside the bottle so it was sticky and wet.

bubble blowing - Living Arrows

living arrows pic



  1. Ah what a wonderful expression! Bubbles are always fun.

  2. He is pretty useless at blowing them. Does make me really annoyed because he doesn’t copy my advice!

  3. I love the look in his face! You just can’t beat bubbles can you? x

  4. Great expression. It looks like the bubble wand is stuck and he can’t pull it out. This is a lovely photo.

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