With all the hot weather, like so many people we’ve been spending a lot of time outside.

This year I’ve rescued my mum’s old wooden garden table and chairs, and am going to sand it and paint it. Last week, N had a go at sanding along with me (good job I bought 2 blocks) but afterwards he insisted on having an ice pop. He’s loving them at the moment so I have to keep the freezer well stocked with them. I found him sitting on the doorstep with the dog at his feet.

They’ve grown up together – we got this labrador when N was 3 months old, so they’re a similar age, and luckily all the dogs on the farm have loved children of all ages. It’s lovely to see them so relaxed together and enjoying the sun.

One boy and his dog - on the door step

living arrows pic


  1. Such a sweet photo. I love that our little boy has grown up with our doggy. #livingarrows

  2. What an adorable photo. I have to stay well stocked too which reminds me I think I only have about 2 at the moment – ooops xx

    • They go through them really quickly, N just helps himself and stocks up the freezer as he goes! Must make sure there’s some for his party (if the weather doesn’t rain like it says it’s going to!. Thanks for commenting Liska

  3. I think it is so lovely for children to grow up around animals, I wish we had the room for a dog and I just love labradors. Look how he is looking at N, willing him to give him the ice pop 🙂 A very sweet capture! #livingarrows

    • Labs are brilliant, although dogs are so much work. We’re lucky that they generally roam the farm so a lot less specific looking after compared with house dogs needing to be walked at specific times of day. They’re lovely to have around (unless they’re yorkshire terriers – I hated the one that my BIL had a few years ago).

  4. That’s so lovely that they’ve grown together, he’ll remember that forever. C keeps asking to have a dog, I think we may need to get one when we get back to Brighton! xx

    • They’re great to have if you’ve got the time. We’re lucky here because we don’t need to worry about taking the dogs for morning and evening walks because they’re out all the time, and they live in kennels (except for the cushy FIL’s) so no hassle of letting them in and out of the house all day

  5. Oh what a sweet moment – though the dog looks like he’s wondering whether anyone makes doggy ice pops!

    • Yep, she’s a bit of a food monster. Although ice might be a bit of a shock too far for her!

  6. I don’t think a farm would be a farm without a dog and that is one beautiful lab. I always love to see the bond children have when they’ve grown up with an animal x

    • You’re so right. They’re lovely to have around, and it’s great when kids and dogs get on really well

    • Aw, puppies are so cute. I see you’ve got a border collie. Gorgeous, although I have to admit the ones on the farm (2 adults – working dogs) are a bit nuts.

  7. Aww love it, I really miss our Westie. They’re obviously best of friends and what a lovely friendship to have x

    • Yes, it’s lovely that they get on so well, although the dog is really meant to be a working dog (gun shy though, so more like a loafer round the farm!)

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