I love this photo of N I’ve chosen for my Living Arrows shot this week.  I think it’s just quite intense, and despite being taken under the lights of the kitchen, the lighting worked out ok without bad shadows.  Mostly in the house, N moans about photos being taken. But if I specifically ask if I can take one, he will generally sit (fleetingly which means I have to get the camera set up ready in advance) still for a couple of shots. This time I had quite a few nice pictures before he got bored.

N looks quite tousled. His hair’s overgrown – I’ve started liking him with his hair a little longer than normal, but the next day he decided that he needed a hair cut and we had to do a visit before going away so it’s all chopped short again.

Living Arrows 2017 week 8 - portrait

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  1. I am the same I prefer Monkey with slightly longer hair. The light is brilliant in this, I really struggle with indoor photos. Very impressed. I love that you set the camera up first that’s a great idea may give that a go myself! #LivingArrows

    • It doesn’t happen often, but does work well if I can plan in advance. Usually it’s a grab the phone and get a blurry indoor one. Roll on the better light!

  2. I think he looks younger with longer hair. He has such an intent look on his face x

  3. It must be the week for haircuts! So many this week 🙂
    The lighting really gives this shot an intense look – it’s those lovely eyes though!x

  4. Katy - Hot Pink Wellingtons

    I love the intensity – he has the most captivating eyes, they’re gorgeous. Max’s hair has gone wild in the last week – we have a haircut booked for Thursday but I’m dreading it, it’s always such an ordeal. Going with his cousin though, so I’m hoping that might make him a bit more willing! #LivingArrows

    • He has eyes like mine – although less green and more hazel. N must be one of the only children to like having his hair cut. He goes and finds his own booster cushion, puts it on the chair, leaps up and sits there ready. It helps they give chocolate afterwards! Hope Max’s goes better this time

  5. Sian - The Mama Story

    He does look intense! I’m so happy my girls like their hair long as I think I would struggle with regular hairdresser trips they are rather stressful!

  6. You’re so right, it’s very intense but it works. I love the slightly longer hair look, we tend to scalp my eldest so he looks so grown up for a couple of weeks.


    • Yes, N prefers short hair and I usually do. But last time it just fell nicely. We wouldn’t go properly long though

  7. You are right it is quite intense but really lovely. Those eyes… My son would never volunteer for a haircut. He loves his curls too much 🙂 #livingarrows

    • N’s got really fine hair like mine, and his just flops back into place however much it’s sticking up.

  8. He looks super cute there. I love slightly longer hair on Z and dread getting it cut as the barber always makes a mess of it!

    • I think our barbers are ok, but the issue is that it’s 2 women (mum and daughter) and you’re just stuck with whoever’s free or in when you go. There’s no choice. So the younger girl is better, but we usually have the mum. The OH says they always hack at N’s hair, but given that other hairdressers/barbers are a tenner for kids, and this one (even though it’s gone up £2.50 since he turned 6) is only £7.50, then I’ll stick with them.

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