This week’s Living Arrows shot for week 36, of course had to be from our holiday in Jersey.

And holiday means ice creams. An ice cream every day (or sometimes 2).  This photo was taken at the castle in Gorey, where we both needed to cool down in the heat after climbing the steps to and around the castle.

The ice creams were Jersey ice cream, and very cold.  To be honest, I didn’t think the ice cream had much taste considering it was from Jersey cows, but that didn’t stop N demolishing his.

As well as ice creams, the holiday also included a lot of tongue sticking out for photos.  N has a slight tongue tie, so we always get amusing tongue movements and shapes going on that I could never do with my tongue.  And seeing N’s teeth always makes me smile, because the 3rd tooth he lost and then grew is much bigger than the first 2 he lost.  It’s very odd.

Jersey ice cream face - Living Arrows wk 36

Living Arrows


  1. A holiday isn’t a holiday without ice cream! I hope you had a great time x

  2. Got to love ice cream but you reminded me that I didn’t treat my little lady to one this summer. My son doesn’t eat them so it isn’t really something we do #livingarrows

    • Nooo. Crikey, I think we have them most days we’re out. But especially on holiday. I love them too (my waistline doesn’t), so it would be easier if N didn’t like them

  3. Oh adorable – I love his tongue curling! And you’re 100% right, holidays and ice-creams go perfectly together 🙂 x #livingarrows

    • He’s been eating a lot of ice cream (as have I disgustingly!). It is the perfect food for hot days though

  4. ha ha! Sylvia also has a habit of sticking her tongue out for pictures ..when I’m hoping she will smile. The ice cream sounds tasty. #LivingArrows

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