N loves his bathtime.  Well, he does once he’s made the difficult decision whether to have a bath or shower.  Shower means it’s quicker.

Bath means he can have it with his dad.  While the OH showers, N has his bath.  Hence the vile colour of the water he’s lying in.  Yes, my son has a bath while the OH who’s a farmer, runs his shower water into the bath.  Grim.

N was all for posing for a whole load of photos that evening.  It doesn’t happen often now, so I was pleased to have my phone with me for once.

Living Arrows week 22 - bathtime

Living Arrows


  1. He looks like he’s loving the bath! LP and Little Man love bath time too x

    • He does love a bath. Helps that he has toys where a shower he can’t really do the same

  2. Aww a boys bathtime ha ha! My husband is a carpenter and also comes home covered in dirt! x x #livingarrows

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