I’ve had a few photos to choose from this week for my Living Arrows shot.  Considering I hadn’t thought I’d taken many photos this week, I’d caught quite a few lovely ones of N.

This one was taken when we went out early for a scoot to the park. We always park a bit away where it’s free, then scoot in to the playground area, but this time just N took him scooter.  I then realised how small his scooter now is for him.  He’s still using his My First Scooter, so I guess that means I need to be getting him a new one.

The light in the playground was gorgeous, and I was really pleased with the shots I got.  Even though this one is of him roaring ‘nooo photos, Mama’, it still came out really well.

roar - moaning boy - Living Arrows
living arrows pic

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