Considering N can’t read anything (well, apart from basic things he’s finally doing in Reading Eggs), he certainly likes looking at and pretending to read any type of magazine, book, leaflet.

With it ‘nearing’ Christmas, he’s been noticing the adverts on tv, so when he spotted this Mulberry Bush catalogue I’d put upstairs, he was straight on it.  Flicking through and pointing out items (none of which I’d already picked out!)

Mostly though, he was using it as a song sheet and making up silly songs.  Usually N moans if I take photos, but on this occasion he was quite happily singing away and asking me to make another video of him.

choosing Christmas presents

living arrows pic


  1. Sian - {The Mama Story}

    Love that capture! What a great imagination. My big girl took charge of our Mulberry catalogue too! I think this might be the last year I can ‘choose’ her presents.

  2. We’ve just had this catalogue through the door too and Lucas pounced on it telling me what he wants. Love that he is singing along with it! #livingarrows

  3. That’s so cute he loves singing and letting you take pics of it. I can only get z to sit down to read when I read him a story. He doesn’t seem too interested otherwise!

    • Ah yes, well reading has to be on N’s terms. Twice he’s brought a book home (they’re meant to choose them) and refused to read them!

  4. This is so cute! It’s lovely how he found such joy from a magazine. I get shouted ‘no!’ at if I try take photos #livingarrows

    • That’s what I get too ‘ No photos mummy!’ but thankfully not too frequently

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