In this week’s Living Arrows shot, N had a delivery.  N’s a bit of a softy and does love his soft toys, so he was really excited to see this new dog toy turn up.  He spent quite some time sitting at the kitchen table talking to it, staring it down and just generally getting to ‘know’ it.  It just shows how loving he can be – and that relates to people too.

There’s always lots of hugs going on, with kisses thrown in for his favourite people.

Meeting his new jellycat dog teddy
living arrows pic


  1. We love jellycat and that’s where MM got her Darcy duck that’s in all my photos sadly they are now retired and I can’t find them again to replace. So hold on tight to these gorgeous babies. hahaha Lovely capture. #livingarrows

    • It’s always a shame that they retire them. Thankfully N never seems too worried when his toys go missing. They always turn up again in the house somewhere. He’s currently lost his taggy blanket which I’ve not seen since a few days before cleaning for his party this weekend, so this dog arriving has taken his mind off it!

  2. That is just so cute. LP and Little Man both have a few Jelly Cat toys and they are the best for cuddling, so soft! x

    • I think N also has a Jellycat mini sheep that turned up from somewhere, but that’s too small to hug so he’s not interested.

  3. Oh how adorable! I saw his photo on instagram of the cuddle and it’s so sweet. Little Mr is besotted with his Little Ted at the moment, so cute to watch #LivingArrows

    • Yep, they are cute with their soft toys. I’m thinking N will go off most of his soon enough, but it’s sweet while it lasts.

  4. Polka Dot Family

    There is something about soft toys that capture the hearts of little ones – N looks quite pleased with his new addition

    • So true. They are snuggly and he frequently transfers his affections between his toys!

  5. So lovely; I think this is going to be my alternative to the real deal. My little man loves dogs but I’m not a dog kinda girl. Such lovely pictures of your not so lil man and his soft dog; what a special moment captured. 🙂 #LivingArrows

    • It’s a good way to do it if you don’t want a real one. N’s lucky, he’s already got lots on the farm.
      Thanks for commenting.

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