N is loving picking flowers at the moment.  Dandelions are easy, and he picked me a bunch the other day (after buying Granny a sunflower with his own money as a thank you for his sleepover).  I put them in a vase, the only problem being he didn’t like it when they closed up in the evening.

This week’s living arrows shot is him handing over the bunch he’d picked.

giving dandelions - Living Arrows 20

living arrows pic


  1. Aw that is so cute! My daughter only likes dandelion clocks but she is loving the daisies at the moment and insists that we make daisy chains whenever we leave the house.

    • N’s been picking daisies (and buttercups) today. He’s not discovered daisy chains (luckily, because my finger nails are bitten so no good for making them!)

  2. Ah lovely shot! We have lots of freshly picked dandelions and daisies at the moment!

    • Cute, but they don’t last long which is disappointing N. He keeps asking why they die.

      • Ah that is sad. Seren never asks. They don’t often last the journey home to be honest!

        • I know what you mean. Mostly they get picked when out and about and left in my bag or his pocket to be found weeks later.

  3. Thanks. He is really sweet at the moment, and add to that all the freely handed out hugs and kisses, it makes up for the occasional stoppy moment.

  4. Alexandra @dontcallmestepmummy

    Aww this is sweet. Was this one of those, that’s so lovely dear, wait a minute whilst Mummy get’s her camera. Haha, I’m terrible for that. I love the colours in this, great capture #livingarrows

    • Wasn’t quite like that for once. He doesn’t really do posing. Whenever he heads outside I pop out with the camera to see what he’s doing. And managed to just get it set up so I could get these as he was thrusting the bunch towards me. I was pleased they didn’t come out blurry.
      Thanks for stopping by

      • Alexandra @dontcallmestepmummy

        aww how perfect. What a great capture! Beautiful timing x

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