We spent Easter Saturday at Waddesdon Manor, specifically because I wanted to see the Colourscape exhibit.  I managed to get N to sit still enough so I could take a photo of him in the neutral area of the chambers while he was watching and listening to the musicians playing.

I love the photo even though it looks a bit of a fake smile, but I think it was just before he burst out laughing because someone almost tripped over walking between us!  So this is my Living Arrows shot for week 14.

posing in the Colourscape chambers at Waddesdon Manor

living arrows pic


  1. We aren’t too far away from one another, quite a few of my friends went along to that and really enjoyed it. He looks super cute here, thanks for sharing x

    • Yes, it was a really enjoyable thing to do and great for all ages. Thanks for commenting

    • Thanks Donna. I love it – so nice when a portrait works out…and makes me wonder how some professional photographers who go round nurseries don’t manage to get them!

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