There’s certain things that N really loves.

One is food. Any food most of the time.  But in particular snacks.

Another of his favourite things is his soft toys.  Like most children his age, N has quite a few soft toys.  Peter Rabbit he’s had since birth, but he’s since got a Benjamin Bunny – one from the tv show rather than the original book.  Although he does have a couple of favourites, he’ll happily wander round with any one of the soft toys.  N’s not precious about which one he will be walking round with from one day to the next.

The photo for this week’s living arrows just sums up N.  Food and teddies!

Scrummies snacks - Living Arrows

living arrows pic


  1. FromMummytoMum

    I love Peter Rabbit, I have the old collection at home that I am trying to get my daughter to read!

    • The old collection does seem so out of date. We don’t really read that. The newer books tie into the tv show (the Emma Thompson books are good too) which is what N loves.

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