Week 10 of Living Arrows and I had a hard choice of photo.  I have a brilliant one of N getting dressed (or undressed, I can never work out what he’s faffing about in the mornings), complete with socks (odd) pulled up to his knees, pj top, and looking like he’s stripping off his pants.  But I thought it probably wasn’t one he’d want in public in future.  Shame.

So I bring you N’s favourite place at the moment…his play tent.

Setting up camp in his Glow Crazy tent

I think this was a brilliant Christmas present from one of my friends.  It’s a black Glow Crazy doodle dome; inside there’s a piece that you can draw on with the little LED wand/pen before it fades.  Hours of fun.  But needless to say the wand’s gone missing so since this weekend N’s been using it on its side for a tent.

It’s furnished with a sleeping bag, cushions, blanket, and at one point his duvet.  He’s been telling me he’s going to sleep in it, so I need to try and find a tent from somewhere and try and organise a short camping trip so he can experience proper camping.

So far, everyone’s been invited in to join him…his cousin, his dad (it made me chuckle seeing a 6 foot man trying to get in and out of it, although when I got invited to sit in with him I realised how small it really is!

As well as camping out, mostly with my tablet, he’s also be driving it as a car.  When I was in with him, we were driving to the shops, along with leaning round the corners.  It was great fun, and really nice to get down on the floor with him for a bit of imaginative play.

living arrows pic


  1. There is always a lot of fun to be had in a tent, looks cosy in there, I can understand why he doesn’t want to leave! A doodle dome sounds like a really good idea, I’ve never heard of one before! #livingarrows

    • I hadn’t either. They’re get run – we never had cool toys like that when we were kids!

  2. Oh wow that does look like a lot of fun – I like the sound of it as a doodle dome too!

    • It’s a brilliant toy. I’d never seen them before, but brainwave! Just need to try and find the pen now.

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