Ok, so he’s a bit of a sweaty head in this photo, but I think my ‘food for thought’ photo just captures N so well.  He likes to daydream and can often be found looking into the distance (and over the fields). Add food into the mix and he’s in heaven.

food for thought - bubbablue and me

I’m really pleased with this as a photo as well because it was all shot in manual.  I’m definitely getting the hang of my new camera.

living arrows badge


  1. FromMummytoMum

    His eyes tell a story! Gorgeous photo you captured him really well.

    • Thanks you. I was pleased with the colour, but in black and white it came out even better.

  2. Great photograph! Love his facial expression.. I’ve got a lot to learn before I turn the dial on my camera to manual! #LivingArrows

    • If you don’t already follow Photography for Blogs/ The Photographer’s Element on facebook and weekly newsletter, sign up. It’s really straightforward, simple tips and weekly practice prompts. I got a good deal on their basic manual course (at the same time as doing one from Shaw Academy), and the TPE one (run by Emma Davis) is by far the best.

  3. What a lovely photo, I’m really loving black and white photos this year. Looks like you’re getting to grips with your camera x

    • Thanks Karen, I love it but crikey the battery runs out quickly. I’m only really getting to take photos of N. Need to get out and about more really to practice more complex things.

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